Savings accounts save you money on health care costs

Savings accounts save you money on health care costs Idaho Press-Tribune
Health Savings Accounts and Idaho Medical Savings Accounts allow people to save money for medical expenses and deduct what they contribute to …

More on Health and Medical Savings Accounts Napa Valley Register
Dear Tom and Alan: In your last column (July 31) you said Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) have been around since the early 1990s. I just read an …

Arkansas Private Option’s Latest Boondoggle: “Health Independence Accounts” Increase Forbes
But one of the many promises to continue this ObamaCare Medicaid expansion for another year was that the state would be adding Health Savings


Companies Predict Small 2015 Health Cost Rise — With A Catch Huffington Post
Large employers expect their health care expenses to rise a modest amount … high-deductible insurance paired with tax-free health savings accounts

HopeSource Healthy Investments: Manage those bank accounts Daily Record-News
Health savings account: A tax-advantaged savings account for anything medical related, such as prescriptions, available to those enrolled in a …

An Apple A Day: Don’t take away my HSA Insurance News Net
Aug. 13 –After moaning and groaning about the trouble it took to get reimbursed for my health expenses through my Health Savings Account, my …

Indiana state employee health benefits lag Palladium-Item
WASHINGTON – Health plans for Indiana state employees are less … that are combined with health savings accounts intended to give consumers an …

GoLocal Worcester

Smart Benefits: Popularity of HSAs Continues to Rise GoLocal Worcester
A recent survey by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) reveals that Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) experienced double-digit growth over last …

Employers anticipate 4th quarter insurance renewals The Tennessean
The idea at the time was to help employers delay the impact of health … Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are a tax-advantaged way to save cash that …

Lumina News

5 Unconventional Ways To Use Your Accounts Forbes
If you know anything about 401(k)s, IRAs, and HSAs, you probably know that the first two are for retirement savings and the last is for health care …

Health Savings Accounts
The Latest News, Analysis & Commentary Regarding Health Savings Accounts ⋅ dbperrin01
It’s called a Health Savings Account (HSA). Whether you already have an HSA or you’re interested in learning more, here are some basic points.

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Health Savings Accounts Reach Almost $23 Billion

Health Savings Accounts Reach Almost $23 Billion in June
MINNEAPOLIS–(Business Wire)–According to the 8th semi-annual Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) survey and resulting research report conducted …

HSAs reach nearly $23 billionBenefitsPro
Full Coverage

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SelectAccount Celebrates 25th Anniversary
SelectAccount, a leading provider of medical savings accounts, celebrates 25 years dedicated to health care account administration. A legacy built on …

Sellersville’s employee health insurance costs more than doubling to meet federal Affordable Care Montgomery Newspapers
Health Savings Accounts, which Sellersville does not now have, would have to be added if plans with high out-of-pocket costs for the employees were …

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Arkansas holds hearings on changes to state’s compromise Medicaid expansion The Republic
… in the state’s compromise Medicaid expansion to contribute to health savings accounts and face new limits on emergency transportation.

High-Five! Jellyvision’s ALEX(R) Helps Adobe Reduce Tax Liability by $4.7 Million CNNMoney
As described in this case study, Adobe enrolled 62 percent of its almost 6,000 employees in health savings account (HSA) plans — and both reduced …

Cecil Township supervisors Observer-Reporter
… portion of the meeting, residents Ed Badia and David Bradwell questioned supervisors about the township’s health savings account for employees.

The most likely conflict zone between Pence, Obama Indianapolis Business Journal
They don’t like health savings accounts and the high-deductible health plans they’re typically matched with. But they’ve resigned themselves to the …

OUPblog (blog)

The HSA/HRA response to Hobby Lobby OUPblog (blog)
… be required to fund for its employees independently-administered health savings accounts (HSAs) or health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs). Offers 3 Step Plan to Utilize Healthcare Reform in Americans Favor Insurance News Net
The current tax-deductible contribution for families utilizing a health savings account is $6550 . According to, it makes more …

Health Savings Account lgfcu
A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax-deductible investment that can help keep you and your wallet healthy.

Health Savings Associates Insurance Services, Inc: “The HSA Team” LinkedIn
-Health Savings Account (HSA) Eligible Plans -Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA’s) -Ancillary Benefits: Life, Disability, Dental, Vision, STD, …

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Health Savings Accounts and preventative care

Health Savings Accounts Weekly update ⋅ August 2, 2014
Health Savings Accounts and preventative care Napa Valley Register
Tom: A little background: Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) have been around since the early 1990s. They are simply separate financial accounts a …

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Officials propose health savings accounts, transportation limits for Arkansas Medicaid plan Daily Journal
LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — Arkansas is proposing requiring many participants in the state’s compromise Medicaid expansion contribute monthly to …

HealthEquity Announces Full Exercise of Underwriters’ Option to Purchase Additional Shares Wall Street Journal
HealthEquity, Inc. (Nasdaq: HQY), one of the largest U.S. Health Savings Account non-bank custodians, today announced that the underwriters of its …

HealthEquity Announces Pricing of Initial Public OfferingWall Street Journal
HealthEquity prices IPO at $14, above the rangeNASDAQ
Full Coverage

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Savings Account Rates Today: Members Credit Union HSA at 1.25% APY Go Banking Rates
The credit union’s health savings account is for members enrolled in a high-deductible health insurance plan — a must-have financial service with an …


$1 million in your HSA account? BenefitsPro
Health savings accounts could help generate huge sums to offset health care costs in retirement, at least for some Americans, according to the …

Investors Should Take Care To Get A Piece Of Upcoming HealthEquity IPO (HQY) Seeking Alpha (registration)
HQY, provider of a platform designed to assist in the management of health savings accounts, plans to raise $100.1 million in its upcoming IPO.

Taking A Stab At HSA Growth Projections Insurance News Net
A worker who contributes the maximum allowable amounts for 40 years without any withdrawals into a health savings account (HSA) could …

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THV 11

Arkansas details changes to Medicaid expansion THV 11
… state’s compromise Medicaid expansion contribute monthly to health savings accounts and new limits on transportation for non-emergency services.

Health Savings Account plans: not a bargain?
Health Unsurance ⋅ Linda Riddell
I’ve looked at Health Savings Account plans, and they seem to come with higher premiums than I would have expected. Shouldn’t these plans be …

5 Tips in 5 Minutes: Health Savings Accounts
First International Bank ⋅ firstintlbank
With the new Health Care Reform Act taking place, we’re starting to hear more about Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), but many are still unsure of …

Health Savings Accounts For Medicaid

NPR (blog)

States Experiment With Health Savings Accounts For Medicaid NPR (blog)
The states of Michigan and Indiana have already implemented health savings accounts for their Medicaid programs, modeled after the accounts that …

Arkansas Weighs Plan To Make Some Medicaid Enrollees Fund Savings Accounts Kaiser Health News
Michigan and Indiana have already implemented health savings accounts for their Medicaid programs, modeled after the accounts that are …

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3 ways to save workers from a post-retirement health savings gap LifeHealthPro
If you offer health savings accounts (HSAs) or health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) you might be able to address this problem, by giving …


House Passes Legislation to Encourage Charitable Giving ThinkAdvisor
Health Insurance: Health and Medical Savings Accounts A Health Savings Account is a trust created exclusively for the purpose of paying qualified …

Avant Systems, Inc Announces the Development of its Consumer Driven Health Care Tool Motor E magazine
As per the statistics in 2007, about 4.5 Million members were enrolled in Health Savings Account Plans. Consumer-Directed Health Plan enrollees …

Wall Street Journal

States on board with HSAs for Medicaid FierceHealthPayer
Some states may implement health savings accounts (HSA) for their Medicaid programs next year, reports NPR. Michigan and Indiana already allow …

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Fidelity® Strengthens Its No. 1 Position in the Retirement Industry with More Than $37 Billion in Fort Mills Times
… seeking a single provider of additional benefits offerings such as workplace managed accounts, stock plan services and health savings accounts.

State Officials Give Update On Private Option KUAR
Another issue presented at the hearing was setting up some enrollees with a Health Savings Account, a sort of piggy bank for the times beneficiaries …

Wall Street Journal

Some states implement HSAs for Medicaid expansion BenefitsPro
… them to invest up to $25 a month in what is essentially a health savings account from which they will pay part of their own medical expenses.

States Experiment With Health Savings Accounts For MedicaidWGCU
Full Coverage

Columbus Dispatch

A health plan that works Columbus Dispatch
So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that health savings accounts, which allow people to set aside a portion of their paycheck tax-free to use toward …

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AHIP: Health Savings Accounts on the Rise
Cosby Insurance Group ⋅ Steven G. Cosby, MHSA
Insurance plans that include health savings accounts (HSA) continue to rise in popularity, the trade group for health insurers reported Wednesday.

Health savings accounts, free from government control

Health savings accounts, free from government control The Desert Sun
It’s fortunate the Supreme Court of the United States saw it fit last week to rule that corporations could not be coerced into covering religiously …

Survey: Enrollment in health savings accounts linked to high-deductible health plans up 12% in 2014 Crain’s Detroit Business
However, AHIP believes the “census understates the number of individual purchasers choosing HDHP plans with health savings accounts because …

Here’s why you should offer health savings accounts to your employees Baltimore Business Journal
Health savings accounts, or bank accounts set up specifically for health expenses, are becoming increasingly popular among employees and …

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An Apple A Day blog | Health Savings Accounts: Help! Insurance News Net
July 15 –I’m new in the high-deductible Health Savings Account game, and so far, I must say I’m not impressed. When I signed up for a new insurance …

Letter: How would Carson fund health savings? Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Remember the democrat’s mantras “bending the cost curve” and “average family will save $2,500 a year”? What a

Max Out Your HSA To Supplement Your Retirement Savings Lifehacker
Those of us in high-deductible health care plans with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) often put in just enough money to pay for medical expenses …

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HealthEquity Sets IPO Range
Draper, utah-based HealthEquity, which develops technology and software to help manage Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) for employers, has set its …

Letter: HSAs will blow up Medicare, Medicaid Reno Gazette Journal
On July 13, he endorsed attractively named “health savings accounts,” first proposed two decades ago by an Indiana for-profit insurer. Significantly …

Employers increasingly adopting HSAs over HRAs Employee Benefit News
Health savings accounts are gaining in popularity with small to mid-size employers at the same time the appeal of health reimbursement accounts is …

IPO Stock Watch: HealthEquity Sets $100 Mil IPO Terms Investor’s Business Daily
HealthEquity, which provides a platform for managing health savings accounts, plans to raise $100 million by offering 9.1 million shares at a range of …

Health savings accounts promote personal responsibility and lower health care costs
Wintery Knight ⋅ Wintery Knight
An Investors Business Daily editorial by famous surgeon and conservative, Ben Carson. Excerpt: Health savings accounts can be funded in a variety …

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2015 health savings account limits announced
Barnard Vogler & Co. ⋅ Dawn Connolly
The IRS has provided the annual inflation-adjusted contribution, deductible and out-of-pocket expense limits for 2015 for health savings accounts.

10 things immigrant families need to know about the Marketplace

View in browser | This newsletter created and distributed by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Health Insurance Marketplace

10 things immigrant families need to know about the Marketplace

Affordable coverage options are available in the Health Insurance Marketplace for immigrant families. If you’ve recently moved to the United States and had a change in your immigration status, here are some things you should know about Marketplace coverage:
1. In order to buy private health insurance through the Marketplace, you must be a U.S. citizen or be lawfully present in the United States. See a list of immigration statuses that qualify for Marketplace coverage.
2. If you recently gained U.S. citizenship or had a change in your immigration status, you may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. See if you can enroll in a Marketplace health plan outside Open Enrollment.
3. If you’re a lawfully present immigrant, you can buy private health insurance in the Marketplace. You may be eligible for lower costs on monthly premiums and lower out-of-pocket costs based on your income. If you make less than $11,490 ($23,550 for a family of 4) and you aren’t eligible for Medicaid, you may still qualify for lower costs on coverage.
Continue reading 10 things immigrant families need to know about the Marketplace…
The Team
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Health savings accounts return control to people

Ring of Fire

CARSON: Health savings accounts return control to people Cherry Hill Courier Post
This is exactly what would happen if everyone had access to his or her own health savings account. Health savings accounts give people total control …

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AHIP: Health savings accounts on the rise The Hill
Insurance plans that include health savings accounts (HSA) continue to rise in popularity, the trade group for health insurers reported Wednesday.

Washington Times

CARSON: Health savings accounts far better than Obamacare Washington Times
This is exactly what would happen if everyone had access to their own health savings account. A woman and her health care provider would decide …

Town Hall

Better Than ObamaCare: Health Savings Accounts, Free From Feds Investor’s Business Daily
Health savings accounts can be funded in a variety of different ways and give people total control of where, how and with whom they wish to spend …

Town Hall

Better Than Obamacare: Health Savings Accounts Would Be Free From Government Control Town Hall
This is exactly what would happen if everyone had access to his or her own health savings account. A woman and her health care provider would …

Google Plus
Majority of account holders spend down health savings accounts: Survey Business Insurance
A majority of health savings account holders spend most of their account balances to pay for health care expenses, resulting in relatively small …

Better than Obamacare: health savings accounts The Star Democrat
It’s fortunate the Supreme Court of the United States saw fit last week to rule that corporations could not be coerced into covering religiously …

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HSA holders don’t understand accounts BenefitsPro
Sure, as evidenced by the growing numbers, consumers love their health savings accounts. Problem is, they just don’t really know much about them.

Website Aggregates HSAs For Advisors Insurance News Net
A new website,, aimed at consumers and advisors in the market for a health savings account (HSA), allows buyers to do some …

HSAs More Popular than HRAs among Small to Mid-Size Employers and Employees IT Business Net
The number of employers offering Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) increased from 14.7% to 15.1% in 2013, and employee participation in these …

health savings account this year

Ask Kim: Can I max out my health savings account this year? Tulsa World
I started a new job in April that offers a high-deductible health insurance policy with a health savings account. Am I able to contribute the full amount for …

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Pence: Indiana’s plan is the change Medicaid needs Journal and Courier
It allows participants to take greater control over their own health care decisions through POWER accounts, which are essentially health savings

HSAs Give Employees Incentives To Adopt Financially Healthier Behaviors Insurance News Net
Financial advisors scheduling appointments for midyear check ups with clients might want to have them consider a health savings account (HSA) over …

WYFF Greenville

Fitness expert: ‘Sitting is the new smoking’ WYFF Greenville
… Health Investment Today Act. The proposed legislation would allow Americans to use their pre-tax health savings accounts for fitness expenses.

New Rules Allow Carry-Over of Flexible Health Funds New York Times
If your employer offers health care flexible spending accounts, you may … That means that if you want to contribute to a health savings account next …


Affordable Care Act Magic Bullet Solution Hides in Plain Sight Watchdog Wire
… allow formation of small business associations, require price transparency, reform medical malpractice, enhance health savings accounts, shuffle …

Credit Union Times

5 Real Tax Breaks You Must Not Miss Forbes
If you have a high-deductible health plan, and these are increasingly … (add another $1,000 if you are over 55) into a health savings account (HSA).

Frankton-Lapel school board approves superintendent raise Insurance News Net
… $16,582 in health, dental and vision insurance; $570 for long-term disability and life insurance; $2,000 annually to a health savings account.

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Health Insurance Plans 786-333-2420

Health Insurance Innovations Allows Consumers to Have the Freedom to Choose Health Insurance MarketWatch
Rising costs of employer-provided health insurance and the health insurance marketplace for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which will not hold open …

Individual and Family PlansCigna
Affordable Medical and Dental InsuranceCigna
Cigna Dental Insurance | Individual and Family Dental PlansCigna
Full Coverage

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Health Insurance Status Predicts Outcomes in Cancer Patients Medscape
Health insurance status appears to be an independent predictor of outcome in cancer patients in the United States. New data show that uninsured …

Georgetown Public Policy Review

Health Insurance Coverage Gaps: A Result of State-Level Decisions Georgetown Public Policy Review
One of the primary goals of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is to expand the availability of health insurance coverage and decrease the number of …

Profits In Health Insurance Under Obamacare Forbes
Indeed, when return on revenue is used as the measure of profits, the biggest firms among health insurers/managed care companies (e.g., …


Health-care exchanges are not properly ensuring applicants’ eligibility, probe finds Washington Post
The new health insurance marketplaces run by the federal government and some states are not properly ensuring that Americans who apply for health …

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Need for ballot measure on health insurance rate regulation debated Los Angeles Times
Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones is seeking more authority over health insurance rates for those covered by individual and small-business …

Can Health Insurance Be Less Bad? The Atlantic
There’s an insurance company that is trying to solve these issues—well, most of them. Among the things Oscar, a start-up health insurance company …

Make the pricing of health insurance more transparent Fox Business
One of the top complaints we get from consumers is about the rising cost of health care. These complaints are understandable—health insurance

Killeen mulls new health insurance provider Killeen Daily Herald
The city of Killeen is considering changing its health insurance provider, a move that would save city staff money for premium costs but decrease …

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Economic Times

Indian government working on world’s largest health insurance scheme: Harsh Vardhan Economic Times
“It is my firm belief that our focus needs to go beyond health insurance. The way ahead lies in health assurance. We need to focus on preventive …

Hobby Lobby Ruling Shows Deeper Flaw in US Health Care
The Feed
The Hobby Lobby case, pitting religious liberty against subsidized contraception, will likely be only the first instance of a semi-nationalized health care

What every American should know about veterans and their health care
rss (Mark E Andersen)
While writing that piece and while reading the comments, I realized that there is a gap in what we think we know about veterans, veterans health care

SUPREME COURT: Health care law can’t make employers cover contraception Blogs ⋅ peblogs
Contraception is among a range of preventive services that must be provided at no extra charge under the health care law that President Barack …

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Employer provided health insurance A Journal of Southern Culture & Politics ⋅ Monica Smith
Which means that the health insurance (which assures nothing at all) “benefit” is simply, because targeting specific populations for deprivation has …

Illinois Supreme Court says state can’t cut retiree health benefits
Madison Record ⋅ Record News
The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled that the state cannot force retirees to pay a portion of their health insurance costs. The court ruled that the state’s …

Trans* Health Care Challenges
Options Magazine ⋅ Options Magazine
Finding trans-knowledgeable physicians and accessing health insurance benefits has been a challenge. Thankfully, 2014 has already brought with it …

Deep thinker Jonah Goldberg on why women’s health care is stupid and wrong
rss (Hunter)
“A woman and her doctor making personal decisions about that woman’s health care without employer intervention is a lot like dressing up as fictional …

Weekly E-Bulletin
Strategic Health Care ⋅ admin
WEEKLY E-BULLETIN. ACA Causing Hospital Consolidations, Physician Acquisitions While FTC Targeting Mergers. The Affordable Care Act may be …

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Small employer health insurance credit final regulations retain uniform percentage rules
Health Reform Talk ⋅ Tulay Turan
The IRS has issued final regulations dealing with the Code Sec. 45R tax credit for certain small employers that provide health coverage to their …

A Relationship That May Have Run Its Course
The Drucker Exchange ⋅ The Drucker Institute
“Is employer-provided health coverage ‘an unsustainable relic’?” asks this blog post based on the ideas of Peter Drucker.

Need an Individual or Family Health Insurance Quote? Cigna
Cigna offers affordable health insurance coverage for individuals and families, with 24/7 customer service and a wide choice of health insurance plans.

Health and Well-being Information Cigna
Browse through Cigna’s library of health and well-being information to learn more, watch podcasts and learn about various health care issues and …

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Health Care Tools Cigna
Get access to health care tools that help you manage your health and well-being online. Learn more at Cigna’s health and well-being library.

Private insurance subsidies and public health care markets Stanford University
health insurance on the decision to purchase insurance, and on utilization of … portion of a worker’s health insurance that is paid by the employer from …
Health Care Society of Actuaries
With the signing of the health care bill, which will expand coverage to millions of previously uninsured individuals, there will be a major change in how …

Answering Questions about Your Family When Applying for Health Insurance Families USA About this fact sheet. You may be able to get financial help with paying for health insurance. The amount of help you get …

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Funding Public Health Insurance Plans Canada and Globally Society of Actuaries
The Society of Actuaries and the Canadian Institute of Actuaries announce the release of a research report on funding of public health insurance in …